ProlapsedMasshole t1_jeepg72 wrote

Straight piping a new base model Benz is a great way to get both non-car people and car people to think you're an idiot.

Just get a windshield sticker that says "I need attention".


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jdrfczy wrote

This isn't some big corporate scandal.

Local shop sourced local ice cream and a stoner made a whoopsie.

You're acting like this is the Rajneeshee bioterror attack.

It was an accident and everyone is fine, calm the fuck down.

Genuinely, you could use some weed right now.

Edit: just browsed your profile and see you're a stoner who has been sober for 3 weeks, so now I understand why you are both being so high-and-mighty as well as an irritable dickhead. FWIW you'll normalize eventually, but you are being over the top right now and with the perspective of time you'll realize that.


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The parental rights bill is so fucking stupid.

If your kid changes their name or pronouns at school and they haven't already told you then requiring the school tell you doesn't negate the fact you've already failed as a parent because your kid should be comfortable going to you first.

What purpose does forcing the school tell you serve? So you can now abuse them at home?


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Saying you'd rather people be proud of who they are is a weird criteria for this. White supremacists are extremely proud of who they are. Do you support them?

The dictionary also defines "support" as: > give approval, comfort, or encouragement to.

Disapproving of people because of how they exist is definitely hate, no translation needed.

I was going to try and have a good faith argument with you because trying to convince others that good people deserve to exist is a form of support, but then I saw on your post history:

> derek chauvin is innocent

So now I realize I don't actually support you and that I'm wasting my time.


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I'm on here every single day.

I double dog dare you.

Edit: seriously though, considered or not I'm excited to see the sub head in a hopefully more positive direction.


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I can't speak to that and agree it's important, every person is only temporarily able after all, but just because it wasn't explicitly mentioned doesn't mean it's not accounted for either.

If not then hopefully this is successful enough that they can account for it in the next project. It is good feedback.

Designing for accessibility only increases marketability.


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I moved to Dover specifically because it's city-like. Why did you move here? Oh yeah, you didn't. 👍 There are plenty of suburbs I could have moved to, so really not sure what your point is.

I don't mean deforestation in terms of cutting trees, I mean replacing forest with suburbs. There's nothing unreasonable about living in a smaller home, especially for young adults who are transitioning into adulthood who don't have a ton of shit.

These aren't for downsizing, they're a rung on the upsizing ladder.