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I got promoted to salary but only work 35 hours, when I previously worked 37.5 hours as an hourly person. Definitely worth checking, but salary doesn’t always mean “work more”. In fact, since I get paid breaks I’m actually paid for more than 35 hours while on salary, but only work 35.

On hourly, I worked 37.5 and got paid for 37.5.


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There are 12 months in a year and you get paid every 2 weeks. So you might think “Oh that means I get paid 24 times a year”, since 2 weeks is about 1 month”. But that’s wrong because 2 weeks is not 1 month, it’s only 28 days. And biweekly pay actually results in 26 pays per month, not 24.

So you should be getting paid twice a month for about 10 months, and for 2 months in the year you’ll get 3 payments. For example, if you got paid January first, you’d also get paid on January 15th and January 29th. That’s 3 payments in a single month. That should happen twice a year.


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I don’t believe in God, but if God simply showed himself and started bringing the dead back to life, that may convince me. Or if I had a 50 digit number written on a piece of paper in my pocket, and he could recite it to me, that would potentially be convincing.

Or I don’t believe in the existence of unicorns. But if I were to see a real life unicorn and upon scientific analysis, could confirm it isn’t a horse with a superglued horn in it, and that this unicorn could reproduce with other unicorns over several generations to create new unicorns, and that I could see the birth of a new unicorn with the horn, that would convince me that unicorns exist.

Your statement is completely wrong. It’s entirely possible to be aware of what would convince you, without actually being convinced if it beforehand.


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Basically as your income increases, so do your expenses. As you get more salary; you also eat out at, buy a more expensive car, a bigger house, more expensive drinks, more expensive restaurants, etc...