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That's cool how they broadcast the decimation of the marine fishing industry and another major blow to the food production supply chain. Also, the countries that do the most damage to the ocean will not follow these rules, China being chief amongst them. The UN and the progressive "save the world" liars will destroy every human tradition they can if it means they can signal their virtue.


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There is a lot it can't talk about or comment on. Pretty much every topic I tried to discuss with ChatGPT it couldn't really talk about. There was a blanket response that it would slightly change the wording of as long as I was remotely close to a topic like propaganda, bias, pronouns, and some other social issues. I was really dissapointed honestly, there was an opportunity to have an intelligent conversation about touchy topics with an entity that by definition can't be offended and it won't do it.


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Advancements in science and healthcare are meaningless if people still partake in the things that cause diabetes. The diet that lends itself to becoming diabetic is more affordable and more likely consumed by those in poverty, and the education around diet choice is less common in those in poverty as well.


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You are absolutely right, you can. Personally, that is not the route I wanted to go, and it can only take you so far before you must open your open business to continue.

Yah though, you are correct.


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True enough statement but it is very true that it's incredibly hard to make enough money to get by in Southern Maine without a degree in specific fields. If you aren't a pharmacist, a doctor, a banker, some sales positions that have fluctuating pay based on commission, or the owner of business, you won't be able to move from the economic strata you were born in. Rural New England's economy is more or less based on the assumption that your families accumulated wealth will be passed through the generations, but this isn't a reality with the direction America is going, it will be even less so in the future.

Moving from Maine was the best decision I ever made and the only time I was able to get out of the Southern Maine cycle. You deserve to be able to at least have a chance to ascend the socio-economic ladder. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Go get it.