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As Mark opened the door he started to speak, his mind still a bit blurry from the party "Hello, the party is just". He stopped and took in the sight before him. A short, young woman whom clearly came from some part of Asia stood there with Clark in her arms. She gave him a courtesy smile and said in a perfect British accent "Good morning. I believe I got your friend here". Mark had to blink a few more times before reality suddenly seemed to shift back into gear for him.

Mark shook his head and held the door open "Uhm, yes. He is mine. Please, come in". The young woman nodded and stepped. She held Clark like a princess as she kicked her shoes off and looked around "Got a chair or couch I can drop him in? He had a lot to drink and passed out". Mark pointed to the living room and the young woman smiled again.

Although Vampires had been a thing out in the open for a few years now Mark had never seen one with his own eyes. Now here was a woman who barely stood 1.5 meters above the ground and who had carried his nearly 2 meter tall friend like he was a child. As Mark entered the living room and saw the woman place Clark down on the chair and asked "so have you been living here long?". The young woman turned around and smiled while she shrugged "is 3 years a long time?". Mark gave her a stunned look and the woman giggle before gesturing to the chair and couch.

Once both had sat down the young woman explain "I am Jessica by the way. I tried finding a home in this town 4 years ago when vampires came out, but due to everyone being afraid and such the dump down the street is the only place I got. I still had to pay for it, and contractors won't go near it because a vampire lives there". Jessica sighed and leaned back in the chair, meanwhile Mark still looked at her with a bit of shock in his eyes.

Jessica flicked the party hat on her head slightly and continued "Your friend was cool with me being a vampire and we talked for hours though. It's been ages since I were at a party, it's a shame this party is dying down and the sun is coming up". Suddenly Jessica sat up and cursed "shit fuck. The sun. I forgot. I, uhm. Can I stay here during the day? I promise I won't do anything. I can sleep in the basement or something".

Mark's mouth finally formed a smile as he saw that Jessica, although being an undead was still just as human as everyone else. He smiled and nodded before he said "You can stay. Just no biting and if you don't want to sleep yet. I can make some coffee and we can play Mario cart". At this Jessica's eyes lit up and she looked ecstatic as she said "aww hell yeah".


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I smiled as I finished my afternoon class on advanced mathematics and as my eyes traveled over my students I felt a sense of pride surge through me. These were some off the best students at the school. All of them ahead in terms of grades and behaviour, they were the kind off kids that most did not think existed anymore. I found myself lucky enough to teach them. When I had taken my second job as a part time teacher I thought I would be given the trouble makers and class clowns, but my math skills had saved me.

My first job as one of the area's best superheroes had given me plenty of work in the evening, but not as much during day time. Especially after the council of villains and the league of heroes had signed a pact to mostly play by the same rules, there had of course been the odd villain or hero who refused, but they had promptly been put in place by others.

Suddenly there was a quiet voice behind me who asked "Mr. Bracken. Can you help me with that last question? I didn't fully understand it". I turned around and saw the quiet, but brilliant young woman named Mina. I smiled at her and said "of course Mina, but that will have to be on the way out, is that okay?". Mina nodded and after I packed my things we walked down the hallway as I explained "So, the main thing is to think about how to apply this in real life. It's used to calculate the volume of a cone. Think of it as calculating the surface of every layer. The formula is simply enough to use once you understand it". I took a step in front of Mina and held the door open for her, and once she was outside I followed and continued "I would advise to think about it that way, and try plugging in some numbers just to test. I bet you will have it figured out in no time".

Mina nodded before she waved at someone in a car. As the car door opened I stopped dead in my tracks. The woman who exited the car was none other than my nemesis Inferno, but she was in a business suit and not her costume. Mina however did not see me stop and she called out "hey mum. This is Mr. Bracken, my extra math teacher. Sorry if I held you up, he was just explaining something". Inferno looked just as shocked as me, but she quickly played it off and said in a sweet voice "that sounds lovely Mina, is Mr. Bracken a good teacher?". Mina nodded, and as I slowly got over the shook myself I cleared my throat and asked "Miss, Brady was it? May I have a word with you about Mina's progression in my last?". Inferno nodded and followed me back to the school building.

Once inside an empty class I turned to her and said through gritted teeth "what the hell did you do to her real mother?". If looks could kill I would have died right there, instead Inferno kept her cool, though her skin had started to lightly smoke in some places as she said in a venomous tone "I am her mother Terra. If you try anything with her I will burn down this whole school with everyone in it". I narrowed my eyes at her and said "we both signed the documents and contracts that Transistor worked out. Besides, I will never harm any student here. This might be my second job, but I choose this with care Inferno, and if you make a threat like that again I will bury you alive in an unmarked grave where you would rot away slowly".

Before we could spit more words at each other someone had just knocked at the door. We both turned to see Mina who had just opened the door. I smiled at her and said in a voice that might have been a bit too pleasant "Hey there Mina. Sorry we took so long. I was just telling your mother how quickly you progressed in my class since you joined. It's really impressive, Miss. Brady". Inferno smiled back as she said "Mina has always been such a smart and kind girl. I'm sure she will be at the top of your class soon". Mina blushed at these compliments, and said to her mother "mum. Can we go now? I don't want to be late. There is a superhero exhibit down at the museum. I heard that the crimson rose might be there. I really want her autograph".

As the two exited the classroom I chuckled and said to myself "the great villain Inferno has a daughter who wants to be a hero. Oh well. Maybe that is the irony of life".