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Check out Warmth for less in Manchester.. they specialize in kerosene/diesel heaters, they are fairly efficient. I have one in my garage and just fill it up every couple of days and it keeps it a constant 50-54 degrees in its lowest setting. That said I can be turned up and really crank out the heat. They are awesome little heaters though and the company is a pretty good one.

Warmth For Less (860) 649-9027


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I'd be concerned about direct access not being safe depending how much space folks are given to get up to speed and merge into highway traffic. Also during peek commute hours, those areas intaking and outting commuters into the flow would more than likely generate some wicked traffic situations. Also from a more human aspect living so close to an active highway probably will add to folks stress levels and contribute to a deterioration to overall individual mental health.

Like your hearts in the right place, no doubt, execution may need a little more fine tuning.