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A900LTD, but good luck finding one. (I acquired mine in Tokyo many years ago)

It was an AT A900 made with a firmer metal which cleaned it up to open back levels while retaining all the closed back bass.

DT770 these days, because I love the dirty bass.


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Sunlight both purifies water, and creates more toxins.

Some water supplies have added a covering layer of floating black balls to prevent sunlight interactions in drinking water.


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I charge it when I go to bed every night or every other night (sometimes on day 2 it'll need plugged in by evening). When it's nightly the battery is usually at 30-40% left from being unplugged at 100% in the morning before work.

Average SOT according to settings is 5 hours between charges (so 70% drain to 5 hours of screen time)


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Don't listen to the haters about Mini battery life. It'll get me through an entire day and a half, sometimes 2 whole days. Moderate/light use, plenty of fb.

13 mini battery life is twice as good as SE3 and as good as the regular 12 and that got rave reviews. It's only "bad" relative to newer larger phones.

Even a 12 mini blows the best android out of the water in terms of real-use battery life.


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This subreddit has basically turned in to egoist snobbery of who can spend the most $$$ on an input device.

If i'd posted that ~2017 when this sub was still chill, it'd have gotten upvoted.

The only sub that's worse is the headphone subreddit.


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In my experience, Keychon low profile Mint is currently my end game. But since you're already on panda's that might be moot.

Switch history being: MX brown, Kailh PG1280 Red, Kailh Choc White OG's, Kailh Box reds, Kailh box heavy pale blue, kailh box navy, MX Black retools, logitech's kailh choc blue, now keychron mint.

Edit: cool,, downvote people for sharing opinions. Real non-toxic community behavior of y'all.