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They would go right next to the Pillow-Block-Bearings and keep the shaft from moving axially; either a pair on the outside of the 2 of them, or a pair on the inside. I also recommend grinding a flat spot or drilling a dimple into the shaft for the set screw on the collar. This will allow you to lock it to the shaft better.


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In a way; applying the torque translates into a force the screw/bolt head is applying axially down the screw/bolt into whatever it’s being driven into; this force is what holds the parts together, or in the sense of a gasket crushes the gasket a certain amount. (Think of the gasket like a spring not a solid).


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But then charging a penalty to certain companies but not others due to a international political issue? I’d like an example please to support your claim that they do similar to this for things… gotta be a foreign issue and limited to penalties related to that foreign issue that certain companies are penalized for and others are not depending on where that companies position is on this foreign issue.

I’ll wait.