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I'm so sorry. But I believe you so hard.

My mother's terrible doctor gave her a clean bill of health after she lost 40 pounds in a year and felt horrible for 2 years. She died 2 days after that appointment with undetected heart disease.


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This stuff is everywhere and getting worse. Do you think it's smart to wait until harm is proven? The evidence we now have is already concerning.

Textile manufacturing creates millions of tons of wastea year .

This constant consumerism can be a force for good instead of the poisonous monster it's become. Anyone can afford to give up plastic clothes.


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Stop wearing plastic clothes, people. Throw them away. Buy natural fabrics and quit supporting fast fashion. It's the least we can do. Polyester, acrylic and nylon are just gross, anyway.

Can't afford a wool or cotton sweater? Save up or buy thrift. Stop following fashion seasons. It's a completely artificial way to value others and yourself. I got a 100% cashmere cable sweater for $15.


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Diet affects the composition of the biome most of all. It would be funny if we discovered that linguini al fredo made us feel sexy or a big green salad made us more brainy.


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I'm sure there are other causes. Sorry to hear about the Addisons. I know it can be a challenging way to live.

TBH, I'd be tempted to ask my doc to tweak my dosage.

If you still have your adrenal gland, could you be still firing off small amounts of cortisone at inappropriate times of the day? I had the thing where I wasn't making enough cortisol in the early afternoon but making too much at night so had anxiety and insomnia (this was along with Graves' disease before I had my thyroid out.) I'm much better now.


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There are doctors who will treat you before you're out of the normal range. If you could get in to see a young-ish internist with a good teaching hospital, they are less likely to dismiss you just because you're in the normal range. Most people feel their best with a TSH range between 1 and 2.

Please stay in touch. I used to be a thyroid advocate with ThyroidChange and can help you navigate some roadblocks. You don't have to live like this.

Disclaimer- I had to fight to get my Graves' disease tested for and properly treated.


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I just looked at your last reference so I have no idea how much you've skewed the rest of your diatribe, but the Princeton study you've referenced shows we're on track for major ocean extinction by 2100. And we all know big oil has made zero plans for actually curbing emissions.


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One drink makes me as drunk as four over four hours would a normal person, but I don't know whether that's doing the same damage as four alcoholic drinks.


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Sure would be good to know whether tha 20% of us who take 4x as long to clear alcohol from our bloodstream need to drink 75% less than the rest of you do to be considered moderate. For me that's 1/2 ounce of vodka (can't drink beer or wine).