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TLDR: Female orcas are helping their sons find more food, resulting in the sons possibly growing larger and stronger, thus becoming a more desirable mate, so the male can smash a ton of other females whose kids his mother doesn't even have to raise, so technically she directly gives herself more grandkids, although it's not working out well right now because the orca population is low and it would be better if that female orca had multiple kids herself instead of raising just 1 and waiting for grandkids.


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Yeah but like... That doesn't make it okay for people not to get Healthcare? It's sorta like America right now except instead of it being expensive, you have to pay by waiting, waiting months or years while your disease or illness or whatever progresses and there just isn't space for you. You cant just tell random innocent civilians to "hold off", everyone deserves basic education and healthcare. There needs to be more schools and hospitals, and for that you need money.