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It’s the internet. You’re gonna need a little bit thicker skin than that if you’re going to tell unfunny “jokes” around here. No one’s even being particularly mean or anything and you turned it up to 11 and started calling people idiots. I’m guessing you’re a spoiled 14 year old who’s just trying to sound like a badass. If not, you act like you’re 14 and you should probably work on that.


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The only thing that’s kind of a conspiracy theory is that Hitler lived and escaped, but that’s a pretty common theory. No one really knows. I think the downvotes you’re getting are for acting like we haven’t already confirmed that lots of other Nazis did make it to South America.


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Given that Rayburn died in 1961 and the Rayburn Tollway didn’t exist until 2006, I’d hardly call it “his” highway. It’s just a road named after an influential person that he seemingly had nothing at all to do with. It also wasn’t named in his honor until 2009. Kind of a silly take, really.


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It was his own personal “policy”, not some actual law or rule. He just didn’t want to accept large gifts that left him beholden to the gift-giver. He later returned the money to his colleagues despite their attempt to “work around” this personal policy. This is the rich people equivalent of having someone at work that’s well-liked but doesn’t like people to make a big deal out of it. He could use something to do his job more easily, but it’s kind of expensive so everyone pitches in a little bit to get it for him. If anything, the fact that such an apparently honest man who also went against the segregationist Southern Democrat party line at the risk of his own career to do the right thing stayed in office as long as he did is an argument against term limits.


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As someone who lives in his former district - can we have this one back? I can get behind refusing to sign the Southern Manifesto, helping to pass the Civil Rights Act and refusing large gifts, all while getting shit done with a low profile.


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They personally each gave small amounts to someone (across the aisle in some cases) as a gift and we’re calling that foul? I’m sure there was some amount of self-interest involved, but we’d be in a much better place if our representatives could get along this well today. Also, a politician with a personal rule against accepting large gifts even though the law presumably allowed for more. We could use more of that these days. I don’t disagree on term limits, but this really isn’t a great example of why they’re needed.


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Does it matter in this context? At least you’re willing to admit that in your mind the bodies of slaves are more valuable to you than anyone else. Personally I think they’re all about the same. I think it’s an utterly silly distinction to make especially when we have no clue who any of these people were in life.


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Either we’re valuing lives equally or we’re not. If they’re not implying that the slaves bodies are somehow more valuable than the crew of a non-slave ship, it’s a needless and stupid distinction to make. They didn’t explicitly say it, but it’s heavily implied. Otherwise, why make that distinction at all?