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You're making the partisan attack and saying everything is not partisan. Everybody is exactly like everybody else.

That's not true One party has tried to overthrow the government take away women's rights and pollute like crazy. One party is trying to take away social security. I contend your opinion is wrong. Sorry if you disagree with me. I do believe that there should be no money in politics.


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You know they're all the same because you're an ill-informed person who watches Fox News. Maybe you should try broaden your horizon. Perhaps if you could learn how to read that we better. They're not always saying the problem is they're fighting against a bunch of idiotic Republicans. You're probably Republican.


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Sure you can tell yourself that. Absolutely Pete has unlimited power and no opposition. Pretty much what he says goes. Kind of like the Lord. I'm surprised it's just the wave his arms and make it hell happen.

It has nothing to do with all the Republicans have gotten in the way for the last oh I don't know a hundred years.


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Don't blame the employee for the poor quality of their crappy coffee. I live next door to one. I've been in it twice since 2009. A big truck comes and delivers there donuts for want of a better turn every morning. I'll go there primarily for a clean bathroom and a diet Coke.


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Yep I live in a nice safe Massachusetts town A very nice young couple were begging outside the market-basket. They asked for money. I said I would buy her some food.

She said if I can just get five more bucks I’ll have enough to go to a restaurant and get out of this cold. It’s 25° in Massachusetts.

I gave her 10 bucks. Because I had it.


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First question is that the same number each time? Second have you look at the number up to see if it was being reported? Third have you bought any kind of tools to stop yourself from getting these calls?

They have very sings like Nomo Robo.


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You just don't know how things work. Most so-called immigrants pay taxes but don't get any of the benefit. So you can just put that in your pipe and smoke it .

The reason you telling me to shut the fuck up is because of no understanding of history.

The people here are struggling to pay rent because the rich control what you can buy and how much the stuff goes for.

Everyone who complains about this stuff especially the rich people employ tons and tons of so-called illegal immigrants.

If we do not have these people in this country the price of food would be even more ridiculous than it is now.

Remember America is supposed to be a meritocracy.

I suppose if you have no merit it would bother you.


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Right you’re so stupid you think other people or animals. You’re an animal too. A lot of people are escaping shit you can’t even imagine. America is a melting pot. These people are what’s called asylum seekers. It’s in the constitution.

I tell you to go back where you come from but the third Reich no longer exists.


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You couldn't hop a fence. If you could have you would have. You just weren't close enough to the United States at that time.

You were lucky You didn't have to do anything at all. You get the privilege of sitting here and your little Ivory Tower and stepping on people's hands or worse off than you either try and get up the ladder you sit on.

Hey great great grand uncle left because of potato famine to come to the United States. My grandfather and grandmother left to escape Mussolini. I know what you're on about dude it's America home of the free in the brave it's a melting point. It's what makes us strong. We're mutts.