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It’s not the the utilities in the house that’s the problem we already do this with bathroom\kitchen pods off-site manufacturing. What kills the cost is getting the existing underground water/electric all the way to a house as this can’t be done offsite. You still need a human to dig it all up, connect on to it, and co ordinate all the way to a house. The further house is the greater the cost and can significantly impact the cost of a house.


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I’m actually really socialist. I’m just being realistic. I do believe it will happen at some point. It’s just people saying singularity in 20yrs and we will have unlimited everything and live forever etc. but does anyone really believe that in 20yrs materials to build a whole house will basically be free and we will have ai robots capable of digging up all the roads and installing electric, water, internet and sewers and then connecting all the plumbing and electricity up inside? An ai wouldn’t even know where to begin to dig let alone tap into existing mains and distribute it and the dexterity to do it all.


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We do that with brick and block. It’s still a very expensive refining process unfortunately. See uk housing market. And if you mean getting like dirt from the fields and turning it into clay. Maybe with 3D printing or something but not all dirt is equal and it’s still way off 20yrs for this to be reality.


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Yes but the problem is that there is only a limited amount of resources on the planet and we as humans want unlimited things. For example, if Walmart said tomorrow that food will be free, watch a massive stampede of people grabbing everything and leaving others with nothing. This is why we have a cost mechanism and supply and demand. This is the problem with housing there is only a limited amount of materials and land which is what is stopping everyone from having affordable housing. It’s an unfortunate reality but reality never the less.


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Okay so I’m big believer in offsite manufacturing for housing and it’s finally starting to take off. If you look into panellised walls, pod bathrooms etc. I 100% believe that will happen in the next 20yrs. I just can’t get my head around how the housing will be a lot cheaper as the main issues killing the cost of housing is the utilities and materials.