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It is young. Considering we don’t know the cause of death yet, there is one thing none of us can fight and that is genetics.

Total speculation, but hereditary cardiac conditions will many times hit you hardest in midlife if not treated aggressively. Some people don’t even know is that bad until is too late. Bob Harper, the weigh loss coach, had a massive heart attack at 52. Super fit and healthy from his lifestyle, but the disease ran through his family line.

Sad loss, RIP.


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Very true, but also the other way around. Heart disease or a heart attack in women can be often confused with flu or normal fatigue, symptoms are often very subtle. Posted an edit on my comment from the American Heart Association.

We also don’t know if she had other comorbidities, like diabetes, any autoimmune disease or any medication that could accelerate any damage done by COVID. That is why I think COVID is so scary, is like playing Russian roulette. Some people are hospitalized and recover fine, others have mild symptoms but have permanent damage and other chronic illnesses from it. Awful and sad.