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Not an expert but a 90% reduction doesn't seem that much. It grows exponentially. If even a few cells develop resistance, then you're soon back to square one. Most treatments AFAIK wipe out huge swathes of the disease before it returns.


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I blame Hollywood for cultivating this mindset in people: what makes a good story does not necessarily comport with reality. Look at GATTACA's portrayal of genetic modification as something reserved for the elite when all *real* trendlines actually point to it becoming cheap and widely available. In fact, the *real* concern among experts is that it becomes TOO cheap and TOO available that bad actors are able to use it for their purposes e.g. engineering bio-weapons.

So what worries me about futuristic tech like AGI and gene stuff is not the elite but the general population not being mature or 'evolved' enough for it because I know I trust Bill Gates more than most people.