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Yes, that's because they're seen as partners/companions here not tools.

The culture around dogs in the US is very different from MANY parts of the world, especially places that have large populations of street dogs or dogs who fill their natural role as a scavenger on the fringes. It's super interesting to study.


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It's a big problem and one that I think is relatively unknown (at least in the US). I'd be willing to bet that the number of dogs who suffer like this outnumber bulls for bullfighting in Spain.

At the same time it's an issue that is sort of behind closed doors. It's not something that's happening in the heart of the city, much like how livestock/meat production type things are away from the public.


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Oh boy, it's horrible.

>By tradition, the dogs are often killed by hanging them by their necks with their feet just touching the ground, swaying back and forth causing the dogs extreme pain and agony for several days until they die.

>The hunters believe that the more the dogs suffer, the more successful the following hunting season will be.

They also have this method of "exercising" the dogs where the dogs are all attached behind vehicles and essentially pulled along. If the fall they are dragged. They cull the "weak" like this. But the dogs are already kept in deplorable conditions.

Sadly these dogs are currently excluded from having protection.