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That's the only reasonable alternative in your mind, which does not surprise me. Except, it is possible to train physicians without significant quality difference, with less exploitative working conditions in the same amount of time. AND there are fewer medical errors.

To me, it is truly laughable that you consider it a privilege that residents are paid to be trained when you calculate how much they bring in as revenue and quality of life for the graduated physicians. Admittedly, I don't know much about the numbers in your country, to that regard.


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Do you really believe this, or have you gotten used to hearing and/or making up these excuses. If you looked at how other countries train their physicians, you would know this is not true. I mean, just by reading this, I know what country you work in, doesn't that mean something to you?

Residents are needed to keep continuity of care, and they are cheap and profitable. There's also no good reason they can't be paid more... You act as if wanting more money and less work/hours is in any way a bad thing. But clearly, because of people and a mindset like you, this is neigh unchangeable.

Just stop pretending it's a good thing that people are getting used like this.

More rest and free time add to better learning.