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These are almost always wrong. Google Philadelphia population and look at how the graphs decrease every year until the 10 year census when it jumps up. On the other hand past trends have shown Northeast Philly in particular dropping in population precipitously (my guess is a mix between a generation of children moving out at the same time as well as original homeowners starting to die more quickly based on neighborhood development age) which has been dampening the impact of the consistently huge gains in Greater Center City. It's unfortunate that 2020 was a really shitty year for an urban census and we won't have a solid comprehensive picture of the population from 2011-2029


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The sixers don't give a shit about revitalizing anything, they just want valuable real estate and sales. Im sure they suspect people won't want to go to a neighborhood that needs revitalization to go to other arena uses like concerts. Black leaders may have brought it up but there's no way they'd even consider it especially without subsidy


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Unironically yeah. He's been against any zoning changes, especially on Point Breeze Ave and Washington Ave. The west side of broad has barely any commercial zoning outside of PB Ave, some corners, and a little on Snyder and W Passyunk. Unless the zoning changes, the west side doesn't have many spaces for commercial to exist in the first place