PutlerDaFastest t1_jadpic9 wrote

Ok, comrade. The Russians can't fight. They are suffering the most humiliating military defeat in modern history and one of the biggest military blunders ever.

The reality is that Putin went full Hitler too soon and spilled his entire plan in an evil monologue like an Austin powers villain. His sycophants had him convinced that the Russian military could conquer Europe. They started their invasion only to find out Russians still couldn't fight and Putler had already called half the world Nazis and satanists. Putin will have to be tried for warcrimes and crimes against humanity and Russia will have to pay reparations including for the weapons and ammo Ukraine got from NATO to defeat them. Ukraine will take back all of Ukraine including Crimea.


PutlerDaFastest t1_ja1sllg wrote

We know that corruption affects different areas in different ways. You're talking without any evidence of corruption affecting weapons and aid shipments which is the type of corruption they are worried about. Our last president, Trump, was more corrupt than anything you'd find in Ukraine. I'm sure you saw your boss Putin confirm trump was his puppet on Russia TV 1 time after time.

Fascist Russian trolls come from Russia and the Republican party. Maybe your poor education means you didn't know where Ukraine was a year ago but you can't project your failures on the rest of us. I bet the Russian education system is pretty bad. You guys haven't figured out it's a war.

I already was a soldier and I spent years in Europe, including some time in Eastern Europe. You keep backing your fascist Russian dictator. I'm going to stick with the NATO allies who stood beside us through 2 wars and 20 years. I know because I saw them there when I was playing soldier instead of living out your little league of legend fantasy about me you little fascist freak.


PutlerDaFastest t1_j9ylc4u wrote

Russia invaded Ukraine. I didn't. Russia threatens me and my family. I'm not threatening them. Your people are embarrassed because Russians can't fight. You can't win your war of conquest and your Hitler wannabe dictator will have to face consequences along with your people.

I'm definitely not falling for Russian propaganda. That's for small minds like yours and modern fascist sympathizers like yourself.


PutlerDaFastest t1_j20lipi wrote

Is someone stopping you? GTFO. Put your money where your mouth is. Fascists, racists, and incels are welcomed there. You're an incredibly evil human being.

I'll leave a link to surrender below. Russia's getting its ass kicked in the most humiliating military failure in modern history. You're probably going to need this. Something tells me that you're not going to get in based on intelligence or skill. Time to mobik up and fight poorly for what you believe in like the dead racists, fascists, and incels who came before you.



PutlerDaFastest t1_j20hzey wrote

The EU and US aren't down with fascism. You can move to Russia for that. You and Putin belong together. Russia, North Korea, and Iran are your people. The US just voted against that kind of stupidity so it looks like you need to move somewhere where your evil fascist ideas are appreciated. The protection of marriage act was signed into law in the US. You're likely out of luck in most of Europe. They are no where near as hateful of their neighbors as the average American.