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Security questions are pretty much always about easily looked up facts. Social media has rendered them non-secure if they're used as intended.

(I personally put "answers" that are the same alphanumeric-symbolic garbage as my passwords, and save them in the notes section of my password manager entry.)


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Not true!

Sun (or more specifically, UV-B) exposure only generates the inactive cholecalciferol, the same stuff you can get from diet (diet can also give you ergocalciferol, the plant-based version, which works too). The activation process is two enzyme hydroxylation steps, first in the liver and second in the kidneys.


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> The pathogenic form of tau is the hyperphosphorylated version, where tau carries more phosphate groups (negatively charged) allowing it to stick to each other and form what we call neurofibrillary tangles inside a neuron.

What causes the hyperphosphorylation, out of curiosity?