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You’re allowed to interpret it however you want.

In my mind though, they’d become a standing soldier who would spend most of their time living however they did before they were drafted and get called upon whenever whoever needs them, or whatever.


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People are allowed to interpret it however they want

In my mind though, they work regular full-part time shifts and in between shifts they are released into e afterlife and do whatever kind of relaxation they did in their mortal life.

And the jobs are surprisingly easy in a spiritual form. So much so they barely pay attention, and do whatever else they feel they should.


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NTA. Humans are incrediblely rock-headed and disrespectful when it comes to the traditions of other races. They barely repsect their own traditions.

Us Niodiku from the land these cretans have dubbed "West Africa" would not tolerate this disrespect even from the Pharoahs and Emperors. Tis why the darker ones outside of their homeland know next to nothing of the great warlords, kings, queens, and civilizations they spawn from. Their rulers believed they were better than us. They know nothing of wisdom or patience. I spent the first 400 years of my life shunned and in exile simply because my father (Bleh) was human. Humans would have called that "Unfair" or "Spiteful" but I believe it made me stronger, a better lady, and burned his moronic qualities from me.

I would also like to mention "West Africa" isn't even the what the humans living here call it. It's Nigeria, even then, many Igbo live here. It was never Nigeria or Africa until the Romans and Greeks caught wind of it. Yet they left the task of exploration to the barbarians up north. It's as if they expected to live forever and dominate the world, I can barely recall their names now. Their legacy are books and tele series, and tele games that just exgaggerate their role in the world, and they were not as sophisitcated as today's humans hoped. They'd be ashamed to know the Europa they pillaged and briganded now controls the lands they thought myth and legend. Pathetic.

I'm rambling again, sorry. The same applies to your fiance, whom I hope won't be your last. She may not even live to the 22nd century if she refuses your gracious offer of immortality. She thinks she is important, she thinks you will make exceptions for her alone, but I will remember to find you in about 500 years to ask you about the love you shared. You will have forgotten her.


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Me too. I knew from day one, the way people were talking about him. and I was seriously about to consider that I was wrong because of all the “Evidence” I saw when I actually bothered to look at the details.

I tried to say something about it online the day it happened and folks were calling me “Black supremacist” and that Lewis had “Monkey strength”


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Ditto. My dad was on duty during the high of BLM protests and he told me one of his superiors had blood tatter all over her suit talking to him about “Were taking the city back” and tried to sick him on a bunch of teenagers minding their business like he was a fucking mongol soldier

He quit


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Yes. Doom. Gore, chunks and bile. Take me back to my days in the 1785 Anglo-Igbo war or something. Don’t remember. I do remember single-handedly terrorizing British villagers and city dwellers.

Or was that France? Or Germany? Or Rome?


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Well, yes, I have been awfully curious about these “virtual consoles” from Nipon. I think the technology has great practical use in space faring, but most of you won’t live to see what I have planned.


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> It's important to remember, in the distant past only the patriarch would be allowed to sire children.

This must be why Orcs are so single minded nowadays. Lack of genetic diversity, skewed against males unfortunately

No hate to your in laws, of course. But the Niodiku elves (My mother’s side) did so the other way around. Like humans, we used to believe a child could have multiple fathers, so a matriarch would sire a child with many patriarchs and other lower ranked males.

Unlike humans, this did hold some truth due to our biology. But again, like humans, we drifted from the practice onto harems and nuclear families (Like the Orcs) and and our genetic health plummeted as a result.

Yhough I am undeniably half human (bleh) I consider the other elves my Mother tried to conceive with my foster fathers.


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YTA, humans have such frivolous regard for non-human cultures. Even their own cultures among various ethnic groups.

Though, I understand. As a hybrid, my human (bleh) father took up to his last days to learn respect for Niodiku culture. Or “African-Elves”, or “Black Elves” as you people throw about. He barely respected the neighboring Igbo tribes. But he got there. I made the same mistake moving up north to Egypt. While the tribes and cults were easy to relate to, the city people lived in a different world. They just loved to talk so much. Way too much. Too familiar with people they just don’t know. And too familiar with the Anglo tourists and their blatant disrespect for the Pharaohs of old. They deserve none, but hatred takes more energy than ignorance.

Too many people fancied me, too quickly, I understand 1 partner every two hundred or so years but less then 50 years after my second husband died I had a woman try to make friends with me. Ridiculous. My mother waited 400 years before my human (bleh) father even knew what a Niodiku was.

Turns out it’s how humans cope and comfort each other, to distract from their aggressively short lifespan. Father died when I was 60, still a baby. I barely think about him anymore, but since we’re on the subject of love between clans I ought.

I’m rambling, where was I. Yeah, your pissed your orcish girl-fiend off with that suggestion. I know nothing of orcs but I guess you’re out of shape, chubby maybe. She hated you opening your mouth about strength in your state, so you might as well run it through with your trails. The fact she hasn’t twisted your spine that very instant means she’ll probably forgive you.