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Yeah that’s what I’ve gathered from all the comments. I own a nice quality clip on macro lens for my phone but even that doesn’t work as well on the new one, so I’ve gone forwards with an exchange to a pro max with the knowledge that the focus will be a bit further away but it will have a built in macro to help balance things out for me lol


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I own a $40 clip on macro lens that I’ve been using for years lol I’ve adored it for little photo shoots but at that point carrying around additional hardware when I’d love to snap quicker shots becomes more tedious


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Well I looked at the specs but I guess my problem lies more so in not having a basic understanding. I saw it didn’t have telephoto and I googled what a telephoto lens did and Google gave me “A telephoto lens allows you to photograph a subject that is far away.” As the first couple answers therefore I didn’t think it affected what I was trying to take photos of which tends to be much closer up.


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Yeah and when you’re working with little bouncy lizards who can be 3ft away in a blink you usually want to be closer so you can grab them if they start making a sprint for a ledge lol and being too far away and trying to zoom in will be pretty tedious


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I take hundreds of photos of these animals lol that didn’t work. I was messing with it all day trying to get it to focus and just ended up with a dozen blurry photos unless I move 10+ inches away and then zoom in on the screen lol