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For now, I just want IQ 145-150, better control over my emotions, behaviour, memories and a sturdier, unaging body. I used to have IQ 120, but depression lowered it to 100. I am wiser, but also not as smart or quick as I would like to be. I've been trying to learn juggling since 2011 and failed every time. I am also unable to ever reach the 1st place on the hardest difficulty racing games. I would like to be more creative and for my back to stop hurting. You know, mostly basic stuff. Not some crazy extreme posthuman stuff. If these wishes were granted, then I would feel better and be better. I could live like that for a century.


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Honestly, the sheer amount of AI news, papers and tools that have appeared in the last 2-3 years or so, makes me feel like in one aspect, the Singularity is happening for me already, because while having constant brain fog, I cannot possibly comprehend, understand and remember all this stuff, it's already beyond me. Concentrating on anything is so hard and tiring and the amount of AI related stuff makes me feel nauseous and my head hurts because of it. Literally. Like, without human augmentation, I don't know how can we possibly manage all of it. Is life becoming easier or just different? I feel like it's complicated and difficult.


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>for centuries or millennia

Pffff.... you'll see that production of robots will double every 2 years. Robot shipments are currently doubling every 2 years. That's 1000x more robots (all kinds) produced in 2042 than in 2022. Of course robots will do stuff instead of us in 40 years. That's for sure. Even Kurzweil was recently asked that question and he answered that robotics will see a lot of development and improvement over the next 10 years and he's correct about that. See Agility Robotics for an example. There are agricultural and harvesting robots being deployed already. Do you know that for example modern ports are full of robots taking care of shipping containers? And robots change and recharge batteries of the wheeled robots.


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No. I've been waiting since childhood, but it won't happen in the near future. Simply won't. We will just have a better version of current VR, heading towards what could be seen in the Ready Player One movie, largely dependant on computing improvements. For me, current VR is completely not worth the effort. It's really bad imo. Very cumbersome and low quality. You can't even walk. Full Dive won't happen before 2050.


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I certainly don't feel like it and not according to my definition. There are just some software and some hardware innovations here and there. And of course economic growth continues as usual. Construction continues, production continues, etc.