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There’s nothing wrong with being kind to people. I think everyone would like a little more kindness than what has been demonstrated over the last several years but there’s also nothing wrong with being careful at the same time. There’s things I’ve done in the past or allowed that I would not even think of doing in this day and time.


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I still have a landline. I find it a very useful alternative to giving out my cell number to every Tom, Dick & Harry. I get very few telemarketers b/c I screen every call I take. I never answer anything I don’t recognize. They can call 100 times but they’ll just get the old fashioned answering machine b/c, oh yeah, got that, too. Eventually, they just stop calling.


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It does depend on how often you’ve been taken advantage of but, then, it’s also a part of the experience of life. When you get to a certain age, you understand that almost everything is about the money. It’s up to you to filter what is worth it and what is not. It didn’t used to be that way. Older generations didn’t need contracts. Their word was good enough. Sadly, that is not the case anymore.


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I have a shoebox in an easy to reach kitchen cabinet I throw receipts in; from everything. I don’t do it so much for tax reasons (Im a standard deduction sort) but if something I bought needs to be returned, I know right where to go to find the receipt because I pay cash at almost all point of sale purchases. Old-fashioned, I know but it works for me.