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Have you considered looking in Worcester? You don’t have to pin down your search to Boston.

Not trying to be an ass, but I assume you haven’t gauged the area well at all yet. Holden is closer to 40-45 miles outside Boston. I know you understand the commute already, but my only advice to give is looking closer to where home base is. Worcester might be a better option.


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I’m sorry this is totally irrelevant and doesn’t answer the question, but if I’m not mistaken Holden is west of Boston outside of Worcester? Did you mean Holbrook?


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You do realize Southie has two red line stops as it is, right? Admittedly, they aren’t conveniently placed depending on where in Southie you are going, but saying “still no train to Southie” is a bit much.


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There’s the Boston Common Garage, would probably be most convenient.

If you are in town for multiple days it will be much more convenient to utilize public transportation and avoid driving in town. Especially if you are coming during 4th of July.

is this just a day trip, or are you staying in town multiple days at a hotel or something?


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I have always opted for the balanced billing, so I pay about $155 every month. Except for when the big one comes around March every year it’s about $400-$600. I suspect this year that one is going to be a lot more. But I know it’s coming. I hate being cold in my house, so I budget for a high gas bill.