QueenOfKarnaca t1_janhblo wrote

Were you actually even there? Because what I saw with my own eyes was people driving in cars who then got out and smashed windows and threw things in trucks.

I know that this was NOT the protesters, because we all marched from Roxbury to the common on foot.

I saw all this as I was running through the streets of downtown crossing as police chased us and countless others, spraying pepper spray and assaulting people violently with batons. Literally everyone was trying to leave like they told us to, but police had barricaded and blocked off nearly every street, then they assaulted us.

One officer even bragged about hitting people with his car, before another officer realized his body cam was on and they tried to cover it up.

The protesters were peaceful. Awful people who were not even associated with the protests drove in and caused the vast majority of any damage done to property. The majority of damage done to people was committed by the police against the peaceful protestors. They trapped us and then assaulted us with no cause whatsoever.

Run for your life in the streets when you’ve done nothing wrong, then get back to me with your thoughts.