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I can't be too specific because I am not sure of your specific needs, but I would recommend a house that is on a high point as opposed to down in a low point. Much of the town has been built in former swampland, which becomes apparent in heavy rains when the basement floods.

But don't pick something where you have to drive up too steeply to get to your house, because if things ice over in the winter you'll have trouble traveling.

Beyond that, the town is all about the same in terms of personal safety, which is to say that violent crime committed by strangers is low enough that I have barely heard of any. The southeast quadrant of town has all the industrial stuff, so you might want to avoid living too close to New Park Avenue.

So pick a house with moderate elevation in the school district you prefer, and have fun.


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West Hartford is an excellent school system, but property is pretty pricey here. And it's as safe as anything -- I've walked long ways home in the dark without a hint of trouble.


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If that's what you're looking for in CT, you're spoiled for choice. I recommend West Hartford though. It's very walkable. Sidewalks from one end of town to the other.


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I bought an all-weather outback-style hat from REI once. A Dorfman Pacific. Looks like this except without the feather thing. https://www.amazon.com/Scala-Classico-Mens-Crushable-Outback/dp/B005EP1PQO

It keeps my head shaded in the summer and warm in the winter. Pretty good fit for the northeast. Mind you, I haven't a clue if anyone thinks I look weird. They certainly never tell me.


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Yale is in Connecticut? I keep forgetting. I always think of it as this separate, far-off place, somewhere unspecified, impossible to find upon a map, unless the masters of the university send you a secret key to unlock a door hidden behind an oak tree...or something, I don't know.