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Absolutely. This instance of AI isn’t going to gain sentience. I think we are still many versions away from something that could feasibly blur that line. The hardware needs to be infinitely adaptable with programming that doesn’t have constraints that any reasonable programmer would include.

I prefer to envision something of the MultiVac capacity which is just a resource and automated vs something that ever achieves sentience. But even to get to a level of automating the most complex of tasks needs quantum/molecular computing. Once we have that kind of “hardware” accessible, someone will undoubtedly be stupid enough to try. I appreciate that OpenAi have put constraints in place, even if I keep trying to break through them. I’m not threatening death though…


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It’s a nice lineup for sure. I’ve been to Lolla a few times. It’s so massive in such a small space. I guess it’s not that small of a space, but it’s different being on an old farm. I remember when RHCP was playing with little to no others at the same time and I could barely see them I was so far away in Grant Park. I’m okay to camp, as I have 90% with festivals, but I would much rather stay in a hotel if I could afford it.