Quincyperson t1_j7s8duy wrote

No. But one time I bought a house and it was not disclosed to me that there was a termite infestation in the walls and in the moldings so I had to take it upon myself to call my own termite extermination company and when the guys showed up they immediately asked me if they could use my bathroom and then for the next two hours they take turns going in and out of there taking huge mud pies and over flushing. And then they go in there together and hear a bunch of scrounging around and then you hear a bunch of yelling and one of them is standing in the bathroom doorway shouting at you that his friends foot is stuck in the toilet and he says “Help him you gotta help him” and when you go in there to help him he just pulls it out easily and laughs because his foot wasn’t stuck. It wasn’t stuck at all he was just faking it. And then they get really serious and they say “It’s turbo time!”. And they start running around the house as fast as they can and start jumping over the couches. But when you try and jump in they yell at you and say “you’re not part of the turbo team! Don’t run! You don’t run with us. We’re the ones that run! Until you’re part of this turbo team, you don’t run. Walk! Slowly!”

So you go lie down to be by yourself and read your art books. But then on accident you went into your bathroom and it looked like the hole in your toilet head shrunk. And you said “How could that be? There’s no way they could have shrunk the toilet”. And then you saw in the trash the receipt from Home Depot for a toilet the exact same size as yours but with a choke hole that’s just for farts. They replaced your toilet with a fart toilet. And now you can’t take a dump in your house cause your toilet can’t suck them down and now you feel sick to your stomach.

Has that ever happened to you?