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What is great too is that they are up to date with new treatment techniques. I had an implant fail and they used some kind of laser to remove it and I did not need any stitches or eating restrictions afterwards. I had to make sure I understood this by asking before I left. I never knew this even existed


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Just because it is not a law, does not mean that no one will do it. If it is the cost/ being covered by insurance that is another issue.

I would think that with your history, there should be someone who would consider this a medical necessity.


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I would contact the owner, take some pictures too, and ask him when he thinks the work will be done as it seems to have been stalled.

Just be inquisitive, not demanding or anything. Tell him you cannot get any definite answer from the PM, and was wondering when they can start using the kitchen again.

The PM maybe telling him a story about the job, his level of skill to do the job, or the cost. Do not get upset with anyone until you get no where or they become hard to reach, or other behaviors of making this turn more into a nightmare.

You should also be keeping an eye out for a new place as the owner may want to fix things up to sell and you would be at a disadvantage in finding a place.


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Is this the type of apartments people have been screaming for to ease the housing "burden"?

We keep on telling these hyper construction advocates that more housing will NOT lower housing costs, and we can see it again with this particular monstrosity.

Citizens need more say on what gets built and where, and how large.


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Personally, I would run like the wind away from this place.

While it may seem "reasonable" in some regards, this leaves you liable for $10's of thousands potentially owing. If you have home/renters insurance contact them to discuss this liability and if it is covered and for how much. Then I would see if you can find out if there is any past issues with this complex and the management company.

No apartment is worth being financially devastated or worse. Just make sure you protect yourself just as much as these people are trying to protect themselves.


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Frankly seems a bit overkill. What are people so afraid of that 9 moderators are needed? Is being a mod very time/content intense where a few could not do the job? Maybe we should have the option of choosing which mod we want for each post?


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I am so sorry to hear of your illness and hope you find great medical care here.

There are some issues such as do you have any savings, income, as you may be able to get on Medicaid. You may also qualify because of your medical issues and if it prevents you from working.

I would move up here first so that you can have a MA address. Can you stay with family, or get your own place? Since MA mandates health insurance, you should talk with someone at the heath connector to get an idea of what you qualify for. They will be able to give you the information you need, and if there is any residency requirements, could you afford paying for health insurance for a year? The health connector should be able to pro-rate policies based on income.

I would also get any health diagnosis in writing from your current doctor as you may need to provide proof of illness. Please be aware that sometimes Medicaid plays hardball, and may deny coverage, but that does not mean that you cannot appeal and usually with the right documents most people get accepted.

This sounds like a lot of work, so I hope family is able to help. Stay strong.


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Anything or anyone from Meta/FB is going to do a disservice to any posters. I would like to see a 1yr hiatus from anything M/FB before allowing to moderate.

M/FB is a toxic and skewed social media platform that has done some real damage to society as a whole. I would not want to see that culture here.


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So you don't want to pay a realtor, but you want a realtor to help you?

I'd like to fix my own car, so I'm going to ask a mechanic if he will fix my car without payment.

Do you understand how ignorant your comment is? Just pay people for the work they do.