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>She is the current ambassador of Scotland.


>They all have ambassadors.

Do you have a list?

>They are called embassies.

The links you posted doesn't call them that

>The Republic of Somaliland

Which isn't recognized by any UN member.

>Bhutan doesn't have an embassy, is that not a country

Bhutan has embassies. https://www.mfa.gov.bt/embassies-missions-and-consulates-abroad/ Notice how those places have "embassy" in their names.

>They are legitimate countries, they have borders, they have languages, completely different cultures, completely different people, different landscapes, different climates.

Which is the case for many federalistic subdivisions.

>If you went to Scotland wearing someone else's family tartan (tartan is a family crest, each tartan is unique and means something specific, usually a family name) you'd get the shit kicked out of you. Each Scottish family has a unique tartan.

I fail to see how this is relevant for this discussion.

>An Irish person in Wales would experience a vast amount of cultural differences, the same could not be said of a Floridian in California.

Cultural differences exist independently from countries.


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>cantons are similar to U.S. states.

Yes, and so are UK "countries". What difference is there between a UK "country" and a US state?

>Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales are all legitimate countries.

No, they're not independent.

>Scotland/Northern Ireland/Wales/England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom"

I'm aware of the official claim that they are countries. However by any meaningful definition they are not.

>They literally do have embassies, what do you think international foreign affairs offices are?

Then why aren't they called embassies? It's because countries have embassies. What other countries do not have a single thing called embassy in any other country?

>Embassy - the official residence or O F F I C E S of an ambassador.

Yes, the office of an ambassador. Scottland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England do not have ambassadors.

>The ambassador of Scotland is Nicola Sturgeon.

No, she isn't. Scottland doesn't have ambassadors since 1707. Anyways, countries don't have one ambassador, they have ambassdors TO other countries (or organisations). To which country is Sturgeon ambassador?


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Those aren't embassies, those are offices


Offices again.


This is the embassy of the Republic of Ireland (a country) located in London.

>They all have multiple embassies in many different countries, Scotland has the most, the Republic of Ireland has a lot, with Northern Ireland not having as many but still having some.

Again, offices aren't embassies.

>the Republic of Ireland has a lot

Ofc it has a lot, it is a country after all.

>Switzerland is one country, not multiple.

Why? There are 26 cantons, all have their own legislature, laws and culture. Additionally there are four languages. So by your argument that's four countries at the very least.

>Europe is one country

It obviously isn't. The countries in Europe (France, Germany, the UK, ...) are independent.


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>with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having their own governments and laws.

Like in every federal system.

>Swiss cantons are Swiss

Yes, but why aren't they 26 countries?

>You even ignored the link I sent, lol.

You didn't send a link.

>Scotland is actively trying to get out of the UK

And when it does it is a country. But until then it still needs permission from Westminster to even leave.

Bonus question: How many embassies do Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have combined?


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>there's no place for the U.S.


>but Wales is like any other country.

Except being independent ofc

>By your logic, most African countries aren't legitimate because they have more English speakers than speakers of the native languages.

I didn't say that. But legitimizing a country by its language if most people don't speak it is ridiculus. Countries in Africa aren't created by language border anyway. Is every tribe in Africa's tribal region a country?

>Are aboriginal Australians not valid?

The only thing not valid are your stupid strawmans.

>Scotland has a vast amount of culture, as does Wales, Northern Ireland and England, they're 4 separate countries with 4 separate flags, the Union flag is a flag that combines all 4 into one flag.

So do Swiss cantons, and yet they aren't countries.


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>with most Scots speaking something called "Scots" which is a kind of hybrid.

Most people in Scottland have no skill in Scots, only a quarter can speak, write and read it.

>deny the culture and ethnicity of those countries.

I didn't deny anything. All I'm saying that on a list with France, Germany, the US, China, ... there is no place for Wales.