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Nature doesn't make deals with us and she isn't interested in our politics or our financial constructs.

We either play by her rules and change our society to them or we will face extinction. It is pretty simple.

Right now capitalism is the biggest threat to a lot of needed changes because individuals are profiting from destroying our enviroment. They will try everything to prolong the status quo, because not only do they profit from it but also the shareholders.

So we either have to regulate them asap and as hard as possible, forbid stuff by law or politics around the world have to make state takeovers of these companies. And btw we are missing the time for small changes because the same companies knew about the needed changes for decades and instead of decreasing the enviromental damage they increased it for profits.


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"While the recovery is undoubtedly good news, AIMS remains cautious about the future as increasingly warmer waters create the potential for further mass bleaching events to occur. A mass bleaching event earlier in 2022 was the fourth recorded in just seven years, and the sixth since 1998."