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Everyone knows that tracking down corporate polluters of the environment and getting them to pay for and execute the remediation of their abandoned contamination is the smoothest and fastest process, and that's why we need to totally trust corporate interests for privatization! We'd never get burned twice!!


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They're unhinged and ignorant. I have argued with several who have gotten out of their cars, threatened me, and still believed that they had the right of way the entire time.

Clearly if they have they have the ability to stop and argue for several minutes, then they aren't in the hurry they think they are.


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We used UBL because it was clear from their videos (and later confirmed in person) how much pride they took in their work. They're transparent about the whole process and also really fun and friendly people. They were upfront about it being a pricey job, but I knew they weren't taking shortcuts or throwing band-aids on things (like the previous two roofers did).


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My neighbors have a Christmas display that is accompanied by a loop of 20 Christmas song clips that loudly play for hours every evening in December. It can be heard from inside our apartment. We tolerate it because they seem to be nice people and I generally appreciate their other seasonal decorating efforts, but I would 100% understand if this caused someone who doesn't fully appreciate "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to snap.

But the point is that yes, obnoxious and disruptive decorating absolutely exists.