RED888IT t1_isqu5gf wrote

Doing part-time self employment work/trading that pays more than I could ever earn in a full-time job. Don't really enjoy it but I can do it with my eyes closed and its flexible, I also can't walk away from that kind of money for such little (but boring and sometimes stressful work).

This then gives me time to do other things, recently took on an entire house renovation and doing majority of it myself (not skilled or qualified in any trade), just learning off the Internet and hired professionals to do the bits where I need them to step in.

Fairly active and healthy, go to the gym and also steam & sauna couple times a week, healthy social life.

Child just started high school and is self sufficient in most areas now.

And with all this I find myself in random phases of the day/week just blanking out because I've got that many things to juggle which I think are 'helping' me as a person, but because they've become that routine I feel anxious when I havent managed to fit either of those activities within a 2-3 day span.

Other than when I was ill for a few days a couple weeks ago and genuinely bedbound I was accepting of not being able to do 'something'.