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Sony are the worst alongside Nintendo so I'm all for it, Microsoft has allowed many of their games onto PC over the years whereas Sony have tried to stop crossplay wherever possible, we still don't have Ghost of Tsushima or the original Uncharted games on PC, it took them 10 years to bring The Last of Us to PC.

If you want to play PS1/2/3 games you've got to use emulators as it's the only way unless you want to buy the original consoles/games, if Sony cared they could release emulators for PC and let us buy the games, instead we have to pirate.

I'm not a complete Microsoft fan boy but they have always been pretty good with bringing emulation to their newer consoles, if you've got a copy of RDR you can play it on the Xbox Series X no problem.


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Samsung seem to always bring out products with issues, my Q80T still has a flickering issue with VRR or when switching from a different source to my PC, I also had to return a G7 because the VRR caused flicker and had scanlines on anything with red in it.

Samsung products just seem to have terrible QC and not even very good products.


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nVidia stock over the last year is up 65%, they seem to know what they're doing. The same thing was said when the 3000 series was massively over MSRP, didn't affect nVidia if anything it actually helped them get even bigger profits.

You say the market has been unfriendly for 10 years, in the last 5 years nVidia stock went up 300%, back in 2012 nVidia stock was around $3 now it's sitting at $236.90, they're doing fine.


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I'm really looking forward to seeing how these are, currently running a AW2721D it'd be nice to have faster pixel response and actual blacks rather than grey blacks with blooming from the backlighting.