RPDRNick t1_je6na5s wrote

As much as I've enjoyed The Critic, it always annoyed me that the writers could never seem to settle on who the character of Jay was supposed to be.

He was either a smart film critic with integrity trapped in a world too ignorant to appreciate him, or he was a pretentious blowhard who didn't actually know what he was talking about. Which they decided to go with changed from episode to episode dependent solely upon whatever the plot called for him to be.


RPDRNick t1_jadzqqq wrote

It's the 23rd anniversary of Marilyn Manson covering the MASH theme song.

Edit: I'm trying to determine if I keep getting downvotes because:

A) I linked to Marliyn Manson's awful cover of the MASH theme.

B) I made people aware of Marilyn Manson's awful cover of the MASH theme.

C) I made people aware of how old they are by telling them how old Marilyn Manson's awful cover of the MASH theme is.


RPDRNick t1_j6ecvab wrote

Tom Waits v. Frito-Lay and Bette Midler v. Ford, the artists were both successful in their cases against sound-alike singers. Those cases, however, involved advertising, so there's a lower bar to cross when suing for rights of publicity.

It sounds like Yung Gravy cleared the song but didn't clear the sample. So, he instead created an interpolation that is arguably indistinguishable from the original.