RS_Mich t1_iyeztnr wrote

This metric of 820 years makes no sense. It’s obviously not 820 years per person, but 820 years across the whole population works out to a few hours each, which is pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. It’s also not 820 years of technological progress for society, as they are only a few years ahead of other countries at best.


RS_Mich t1_iyaw42l wrote

They’ll have to use the car lane, but a 9’ lane just won’t work easily considering cars parking and other individuals who don’t want to ride in the regular bike lane.


RS_Mich t1_iyavsmk wrote

This may all but kill group rides around there. The single lane isn’t going to be big enough to easily pass anyone riding on their own or in a small group and anyone parking or driving slow is going to slow/halt the group.