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It was a tequila bar called Flora and they did, in fact, serve some food. However, my idea is to go with something that does not require you remain at the restaurant to eat, meaning the quality of the food cannot degrade by too much when it is carry out or delivery. Each concept that has opened up was meant to be dine in first and carry out second. I’m suggesting a spot that is carry out/delivery first and dine in second. Cater to that college crowd but find the balance in quality and price point.


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I lived about two blocks from that location for several years not too long ago. I’m not sure why nothing seems to stick but something I would have really loved would have been a small restaurant that provided quick and reliable pickup and delivery food. I’m thinking authentic street Mexican. That area is packed with students. Students like quick and cheap. Bonus if it delivers, esp after 10pm. Street tacos are cheap to make, easy to transport for pickup or delivery, and there are tons of options for flavor combos. I think I’d get away from turning it into a destination where one sits down to eat, although they could have a few small tables, and focus on high quality ingredients that travel well. It’s clear people no longer want to go to this location to spend any significant time given the failure of the past few businesses. It’s just a thought. Figure something out that appeals to the college student demographic but is also high quality enough that non-students would enjoy it as well.


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The latter two shows are in my top three and I started watching Abbott. It’s hysterical and I agree with you. Funny enough my spouse’s first comment was, “This is The Office and P&R” when they sat down to watch it with me.


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I really hate to say this, and maybe I don’t fully believe it, but maybe there needs to be some sort of regulation that allows or encourages employers to pay salaries based on home of record given the explosion of WFH. Like I said, I haven’t fully thought that idea through so I’m sure there are issues with it. I’m just not sure what else to do because the populations of these major cities (NYC, LA, Phoenix, etc.) are so astronomically larger than RVA that there’s NO way we can support more than a minute influx, and that’s not even counting DC/NoVa. At some point, RVA could primarily be comprised of WFHers who migrate here from major cities while pulling in salaries twice what locals make. It feels no different than what’s happened to places like Aspen where millionaires turned it into a playground locals can no longer afford (albeit for very diff reasons).


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Yesterday (Sat) we were anticipating a nightmare drive between Otterdale and 288. There was actually almost no traffic on the road…sweet! Then, every single light turned red as the previous light turned green and we approached the next one. It would have been impressive if it wasn’t so annoying. You just can’t win on that stretch, I’m convinced.

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Moseley resident here. Seriously wishing the BoS would do their job and force developers to put some revenue towards building new schools. Tomahawk Creek is at twice its capacity. We’re building schools to catch up instead of building to get ahead. Don’t get me started on Hull St, either. It’s very clear this is one of the fastest growing areas any time you need to do a thing: get gas, go grocery shopping, drive to 288. It’s madness.


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I didn’t get the impression the author was shocked to find Swiss chocolates in Africa. I think the author was shocked to find Swiss chocolates in a place he previously knew to be rural, or at least not as developed as it is now. It’s no different than returning to my hometown and being shocked at the mounds of development that’s occurred since I moved away.


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I’ve lived all over the world: some fully developed countries, some third world countries, and a combat zone. Richmond is phenomenal and is still my favorite. We have rough parts like any city, but it’s truly lovely. The people are friendly, albeit a bit cliquish. The festivals, food, bars, and live music are fun. The beach and mountains aren’t far on either direction. You’re going to be just fine.


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We made the switch to kings dominion a couple of summers ago and haven’t looked back. We live in Chesterfield so we can get to KD in under an hour whereas BG is closer to 90 min. Additionally, there are more “big” rides at KD for the kids (almost 10 and 12). I do admit BG is cleaner, has better food, and is just…nicer. The crowd at KD can get a bit rough at times. Still, if we’re there for the rides, which we are, then KD is just better for us.