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Research “ego death” for more insight. It can be quite terrifying and “ego” is another term used socially as a kind if watered-down “full of one’s self”. That is just part of the definition. It is the experience of yourself in your reality. And when that fabric of your reality experience starts to unravel it is intense. A lot of people say you are never the same person again after ego death. Similar, just altered in a way. That is somewhat embraced in drug culture though.


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Dissociative drug experience really brings clarity to what that term means in a clinical description. “Out of body experience” is a phrase often used to describe it. Surreal feeling and as if you’re just observing yourself. Similar to how a lucid dream experience is; reality is fractal and seems non-linear. You know in a sense it’s not normal and you can’t really control it. You are along for the ride.

If you’ve purposefully taken chemicals to induce this feeling then you’re more likely to be fortunate enough to enjoy the “trip” without terrifying anxiety and sometimes panic. But if you find yourself having these dissociative experiences organically, with no explanation as to why, you have a problem on your hands. A one-off episode is just life perhaps but repeated episodes likely means you have some moderate to severe mental health disorder(s).


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Not overboard at all. I enjoyed reading that. I’ll read anything you can advise me on regarding this topic.

Some recent blood work I had done showed that I have some allergen sensitivities, with dust mites and cat dander being the worst. I have both of those I’m my home. My doctor told me to spend the money and get a proper air purifying unit. I’m all for spending money for cleaner air that helps make my sleeping environment clean so that I may find more fulfilling sleep.

I’m not necessarily looking for BIFL I suppose, just products that truly do what I need and do it well. Longevity, features, aesthetics, affordability, etc are all non-priority variables that while aren’t entirely unimportant, are not really a concern.

I really do appreciate that reply. Lots of good info and I’m glad you shared it. Thanks!