R_Morley t1_j9z5b15 wrote

IT is so that they can focus cause are men's team is not so good. (Our women's team is quite good).

Distractions must be limited, especially after our dismal hockey showing this season. It is the catholic way. Our lacrosse monks


R_Morley t1_j94galz wrote

Why don't you just buy a new car and sell your old one? Cause:

(1) Cost of this car (you say 5(k), (2) plus tax and insurance (let's say 1,000 total, conservative estimate, +tax on sale and the hassle (another 1,000?). That's a good 7k spent, non-recoverable, which coupled with the value of your primary car, may be better to trade in.


(Maybe you recover some of this cars value when you sell, but that's a risky business)