RabbitLorx t1_j2btbti wrote

I have the radiance myself. Its really a nice headphone. I love how luxurious it feels. I just wish it came with a better cable. Why does it have to be so short and stiff >:(


RabbitLorx OP t1_j1wjhhs wrote

I read your post and I think the HD660s would be the perfect choice. I tried the 560s in store and the 660 are much better. More detailed without being a headache. Really good imaging too and instrument separation. Its the best Goldilocks headphone. Definitely give them an audition in store.

Once you get the headphones you can think about an amp/dac so that they sound their best but you can live with plugging it straight into your pc. And really you dont need anything expensive. Look for something good and cheap or go second hand. Good luck on your search!


RabbitLorx OP t1_j1w1os9 wrote

More like birthday which sits nicely in the middle of the year. I got the JDS element 3 for my own headphones but I might look at something cheaper for him since he isnt as invested as I am in audio. The Audioquest dragonflys look interesting. Or I might go see what my local hifi stores have on sale. For now he is happy about how it sounds and it dosnt sound terrible plugged straight into his PC as a temporary thing.