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There’s also the theory that it’s a 4d hypersphere, meaning reaching one “edge” will just be the same as making it to the opposite side and nothing else. I love this theory as it adds both an explanation for the expansion of space (the sphere itself is expanding, so all the 3d things are getting further apart) as well as possibly leaving a scientific space for a god. I am an atheist, but if we live in a 4 dimensional (or more) universe, a god could easily exist outside the 3d bounds of it, and would therefore be able to see and interact with any part of it.

Too bad this universal theory is likely untrue and these days not considered a prevailing theory. It just explains so much for me, and could even let string theory exist, but I think the math just doesn’t work out.


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Space sadly isn’t infinite. It’s just very big. Also they wouldn’t be pulled together if they were binary, same way our moon isn’t pulled towards earth. If you want an example of a planetary binary, we actually have one in our solar system; Pluto and Charon are 2 bodies orbiting a barycenter which I believe (I might be wrong) is outside of Pluto’s surface. Charon and Pluto are pretty damn close together, and could likely be much closer. If 2 objects are too close, they will begin to pull each other apart. The issue then is not whether or not 2 objects could sustain distance from each other without colliding, as they just orbit each other, but more an issue of the 2 objects not ripping each other apart through tidal forces.

Sorry if this is illegible or sounds like thinking out loud, I’m pretty fucking tired so forgive me at least a little bit.