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God that scene was so god damn unnecessary, It was so awkward. Between Gwen and Arya it felt like Dumb and Dumber realized we haven't had literally every single female character fucking on set and made sure to fix that in fell swoop.


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Well basing anything off the price gouge offered by a PC company is a bit silly. I was browsing for an upgrade for a friend the other day and to upgrade the RAM and SSD from 8g-16g and 512MB-1TB respectively raised the price by around 500. Meanwhile the individual prices of just buying a 2TB M.2 SSD and 16g of ram from newegg was about 150 pounds. Imagine more than tripling the price for what amounts to 3 screws worth of work.


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Nah, you'd just do a timeskip near the end with the raid on Bin Laden's compound and have the scene with them unceremoniously dumping his body into the ocean and everyone would love it.

Also it's been over 2 decades, the event doesn't even hold much of a meaning to anyone under 30, or more generally anyone outside of the US. If Family Guy is allowed to do parodies of it, its open season for adaptation imo


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Right? Guaranteed 99/100 people would still (Rightfully) choose to eat something that fell on their keyboard over something that sat on their toilet seat.


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I agree with the OP. Season 1 was a thrill to watch. Personally seasons 2 and 3 get progressively worse, I'd call them boring and rudderless. Season 4, the final season has a lot of payoffs but I honestly don't know if it's worth it getting to that point slogging through the rest of the story.

That being said all the characters feel very human. They're not simply plot elements, even the side characters. Everyone reacts according to their own beliefs and characteristics. There are consequences, intrigue and hidden agendas behind every action. At times the intrigue goes a little too deep as you can tell the writers got a little over their heads at times.

It's really hard to say much about the series as it's kind of chock full of spoilers, though. Even making comparisons to other media feels a bit too leading. You really need to go into this show with blinders on. Just watching the first 15 minutes should give you a good feel for the vibe of the rest of the season though.


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You Don't Mess With the Zohan is probably my favourite. It's non-stop over the top silliness with the absolute most outlandish concepts. The insane grandma gigolo ring he runs to fund the salon he works at, competitive hacky sack with DISCO DISCO halftimes, Isreali/Palestinian voice magic, Fizzy Bubbly, Dave Matthews as a terrorist, it has it all.

Also side note, 8 Crazy Nights is a relic best left in the past. I remember it fondly but god damn it does not hold up well at all.


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>In 1869, tinned mutton was introduced as rations in the British Navy. Far from being a tasty cut of meat, sailors complained their food was so awful they suspected it was the dismembered body of Fanny Adams. Soon the grotesque joke had spread so far that tinned mutton was referred to as a tin of Fanny Adams.

>To this day British sailors are served their rations in what is nicknamed a 'Fanny'. As often happens with language the slang phrase 'Sweet Fanny Adams' soon filtered into wider society where it became a euphemism for anything not worth having or 'nothing'.

Sweet Fanny Adams > Sweet Fuck All

For anyone who is as lazy as me and didn't want to scour the article for the reasoning.