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>If we assume that acting is something that men and women can be equally good at

Why would you make that assumption? Unfortunately how 'good' they are at acting is entirely dependant on how they are judged, the two are linked. So if one group is judged to be better than the other, that's the reality of the situation, as unfair as you may deem it.


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Well it's art, it can never be judged objectively and to call people's preferences bias is wrong, without preferences they wouldn't be able to choose between two performances. I agree the award is really most popular performance but I think most people know this so the name doesn't need changing.

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You can't even make that assumption as you're talking about people's opinions not random outcomes, its entirely possible one side would get more votes on a consistent basis. If anything the main 'bias' at play would be from the previous results, as if one side was seeming to dominate there would be an incentive to vote for the other just to even things out.