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> While some have accused the state of playing politics and meddling in local affairs, Morath shut down the idea and said he doesn’t think there’s any truth to it.

given that a school takeover seems like a fairly big deal and states like Texas have recently been pushing laws that expands the GOP’s control over school systems, it would be really great if they expanded on what the critics were saying and if there is any legitimacy to their claim, other than taking the governments word on it


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> Now let's watch as those states start trampling the first amendment

that’s exactly what they’re going to do and they don’t care that they’re being hypocritical. They’ve already banning books and school courses, so this isn’t going to slow them down at all.


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> The payout would not come from Paxton’s own pocket but from state funds, which means it would still require approval by the GOP-controlled Texas Legislature.

As always, taxpayers foot the bill and Paxton hasn’t been punished/learned anything. At least the FBI investigations are still ongoing. Can’t get rid of this guy soon enough.


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You joke, but in some cases that is quite literally true. For example Reverse Freedom Rides. rather than Migrants, back during civil rights era, anti-black orgs in the south would buss black families up North as a political stunt to have the North “death” with them if they were so anti-segregation.

Can’t Imagine why DeSantis wouldn’t want people to know that….


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it’s up to the Government bodies (like NOAA and FEMA) to update their rainfall data/models, which is done via statistical analysis.

That being said, some states aren’t waiting around and are starting to require standards/regulations to meet their own updated/“future storm event” models. For example, in New Jersey stormwater design has to be updated, so any proposed roadway projects that were previously required to contain/handle something like the 25 year storm event now are required to meet the “Future 25-year storm event”.


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ok so where do you draw the line? Should alleged mass shooters be able to keep their job? What about if one of your employees gets charged with Jerry Sandusky levels of pedophilia, are you going to keep them on until the verdict is read? Should Casey Anthony be allowed to keep her old job since she was found not guilty?


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> The website allegedly created by Aldrich is a forum-type “free speech” site where people have anonymously posted racist and antisemitic memes, language and videos.

Least surprising thing ever.

>A video on the homepage titled “Wrong Targets” advocates for killing civilians as part of a larger effort to “assassinate the elites at the top” and “cleanse” society.

Spoiler Alert: Colorado Springs Gay Bar isn’t gonna be where the elites are. It’s almost like the right uses the term “elite” as code for something else…