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Maybe approach it in a less cerebral way. Find something with a great groove (Funkadelic or Big Brother and the Holding Company come to mind) and just let the music wash over you.

One thing that I do to reignite my passion for music is to go really deep into an artist's catalog, find those lesser known songs and look for the beauty in them.

When in doubt, play some King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, they have about nine million records that slip between various genres and I've never heard anything problematic about their personal lives.


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I agree with that. But I live in deep red Texas and strangers simply aren't killing each other at rates that would warrant one to change his/her behavior as you're suggesting.

I have another LPT: just don't be a dick to randos out in the world.


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As for buying stuff, here's my go-to list of things people should have in an apartment:

Renter's Insurance

2 fire extinguishers (one for the kitchen and one for the bedroom. Make sure the fire alarms are in working order.

Chain lock or dead bolt that can't be accessed from the outside of the door

A decent tool kit (Vice grips, 2 screwdrivers, hammer, drill, flashlight etc.)

First aid kit

Toilet plunger

Touch up paint that matches the trim


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Basing a move on where a music scene used to be is dangerous. How long ago are we talking? Early 90s Grunge? That scene is dead.

Scenes are born from specific sets of circumstances and there's not some sort of fairy dust sprinkled on an area. For example, Detroit was a flashpoint for R&B in the 60s, but imagine moving there to start a Motown-style group today?

If you're looking to plug into a scene, look at where contemporary bands are popping up and move there. Bonus if it's in a community that cares about artists and has a system in place to support their art.


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Seattle will have a better infrastructure to support struggling artists than Dallas. Also, trust me, Texas sucks and is getting worse. Nobody who enjoys human rights or personal freedom should ever move to Texas.