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So many people would just piss right off the side of the building up there and it would rain down on the people just walking below. I’ve had season tix since Mcnabbs first year and those first few at the Vet were definitely the wildest . People would just smoke crack out in the open and get into fights ,plus tickets were only about 30 bucks a game .


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The last time I remember was when we were at the old vet a whole row of crazies behind us were screaming to take Doug Peterson ( they called him Peterman for some reason ) out for Mcnabb to play for the 1st time in Philly.

Finally they put him and the place erupts then he fumbles and they screamed get that Nono word out of here. The vet was a wild place .


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I also doubt she was dumped, I have a similar terrier/lab mix and she's an escape artist, super fast and will try to chase a squirrel to California if she gets loose. Hopefully someone that recognizes her sees this and she finds her home.


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I did the foodie thing in my 20s and 30s racked up 40k in credit card debt just smoking drinking eating good and partying. I don’t think I ever had 100 dollar tab with just food and no booze though .Had a kid and had to stop the Yolo life, learned to cook and only go out once or twice a month now. Sometimes I wish I put that money towards the principal of my house instead but I can’t say I didn’t have a good time.