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"Places" that are "loud" lol, movie theaters, recording studios, nightclubs etc spend quite a bit on sound proofing, most of it's bulky & super expensive


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Yeah, definitely going to be a wait. In the meantime a great diy solution for loud drunks outside a room is smushing plastic bags into the crevices of a doorframe with a spatula and squishing rolled up trash bags to seal the bottom


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Acoustic tiles & panels etc are kind of like foam rubber, "tiny bubbles of air" trapped in really dense materials, I'm not sure the weird tiny intricate microscopic designs involved in the wings have been mimiced yet, someday 3d printing will probably tackle this


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> "Three crucial factors that influenced how likely a female was to commit infanticide were: Living in a harsh environment, Motherhood that involved particularly high energy costs for the female, High competition for resources with other individuals. When such pressures reach a threshold, mums seem primed to kill. Hrdy is impressed with the work, though she questions why humans were not included. Hrdy has also studied infanticide in humans and points out that, in our society, mothers rely on particularly high levels of social support during the early stages of their child’s life. If that support isn’t there, human mothers may be more likely to neglect their children, even to the point of death."