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Here in Germany as a house doctor you only need to know about 2 miracle medicine for all cases in life: Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. I don't remember ever getting anything prescribed without explicitly asking for it. And when I did, once the doctor suggested to increase the dosage if the thing doesn't work (which bears HUGE potential side-effects, which he didn't mention), and the other time I told about a problem, and the other doctor said "oh, it's probably already chronic. Do meditation or something".

If it doesn't help - you send the patient to the specialist and make it someone's else problem. Faking being a doctor in Europe (Germany at least) is probably the easiest job to fake of all.


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It's not right the card is crashing the PC due to the overheating. The throttling should be as far as it goes.

I'd check the ventilation in your case. Maybe you have all coolers blowing out instead of some in and some out or something. Check the temp in idle and load for the CPU as well. It shouldn't be above 40 when you casually browse. Ideally - under 30. GPU might be hotter, depending on your CPU cooler, but still under 40.

It's possible to reapply the thermal paste on the GPU, but likely one needs to go for water cooling, especially if the case is not well designed for air circulation.

Finally, if you use overclock - disable it. The increase in heat is far larger than increase in performance.


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Seems like it's indeed tougher situation for non-EU languages, in general. Publishing in EU languages has no limits. In non-EU, it's only for the books for which the non-EU language is the language of the original. Basically, getting "Art of War" in English is fine. In Chinese - fine. In Vietnamese or Russian - not really. For these cases a case-per-case basis is implemented. On top of that is a ban of books written by Russian Federation citizens.

Yet, you can still publish "Anna Karenina" in Russian language in Ukraine, for example, for it was written prior to 1991, and it's a language of the original.



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I remember Russians saying "Bakhmut by September", "Bakhmut by October", "Bakhmut by November". December was skipped, it seemed.

And now it's "by January" again.

- from the authors of cult hits "Kyiv in 3 days" and "Ukraine will fall in 2 weeks"


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Ok, I've read it, but still, why the heck the problem can't be fixed after at least 15 years of existence?


South Africa is even richer than Ukraine, but also self-provides itself all the coal it needs. In fact, it mines enough coal for 3 South Africas. Further, it's usually mined in open pits rather than underground mines, which is safer and cheaper.

I get that Zuma was corrupt and blamed, but why was he elected again if he didn't do crap about such an important problem?


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Not really. Atoms are working due to the balance of weak (radioactive decay) and strong interactions (why the are actually able to exist). Especially the former is only applied to extremely small distances, but the second is also appearing on fm distances.

No amount of scaling up would replicate weak and strong interactions that are affecting atoms. Thus, we can't be atoms just as there can't be life inside an atom. Purely because with smaller scale changes the balance of forces and the things get extremely volatile.


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+30 with everything shut down would mean it's about to get hotter once the electronics and engines are fired. Unclear by how much, but it's risky if the astronauts get a heat stroke or even die from overheating during the return. During the descendant stage when the capsule gets heated by friction it might be far worse and they boil alive, but I'm speculating here.

From what I just googled, seems like there are no welding tools on ISS due to the heat control problems that'd happen if one uses it. Replacing the tubes is also likely no possible (where would they get parts). We also don't know if there is a way to refill the coolant.

Perhaps there is a reserve loop, then it could be used. Otherwise, unlikely it can be repaired in space.

My bet is that it won't be used for the return. At least the US will back off, likely. Russia will probably follow, because Russia has far smaller pool of the astronauts, and having 2 of them dead would be unpleasant, but could still be presented as a sick twisted victory if an American died with them. If Russians die alone - that would be just a sign of incompetence and a failure of another of limited propaganda pillars Russia has.


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Right? If these are 2 crutches, that must be insanely difficult and quite dangerous to use it this way. If one of those is an artificial leg, then why is it only one leg? Clearly he has money to install a second one and hugely improve his quality of life.

Weird. I get the point of the picture, but there is clearly a lack of understanding of the disabled by the author, questioning his ability to give an advice on the topic.


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Another problem is that there are at least 20+k Russian soldiers in Kherson and on the right side of the Dnipro river. We do not see columns of the Russians escaping, yet. Also these geniuses have exploded at least 5 small bridges on a supposed retreat already. Meaning the Russian troops will have even more difficult time to evacuate than they had so far.

Still, I don't see how Russia can play it out. Even simulating retreat would mean a weakening of positions. All Ukrainians have to do is not to rush into a trap like a bunch of sukabliats on dicktaster's orders.


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It all boils down to what "link" means on this graph. Is receiving a grant qualifies as a link? I'd assume it's not enough, but maybe? Is having Putin as a father-in-law for your children? What about the government co-owning shares in your company?

We'd need to look at that first, but it doesn't look like OP answered this question, so I don't have sufficient information to either agree or disagree with your views.


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With your logic of splitting between Yeltsin and Putin, it's expected that oligarchs that got rich in 90s before Putin would not have a reason/need to get tightly involved with him. Yet it's not the case, except for one. Even having the prior riches, they need to get into the deal with the current regime to keep it.