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>I think this is a fair take, not sure why your being downvoted. I liked alot of the scenes with him but there were these other scenes like in Patrick Hockstetters death (who was way underrepresented in both movies) where Pennywise kind of...turbo waddles up to him before the scene ends. Id have to rewatch to remember the other scenes where they chose to have Pennywise turbo-waddle but there are a few of them and I thought it was kinda lame each time.
>I felt like Tim Curry's rendition was much more chilling and am with you in that I'd want someone else to give the role a go.


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Reply to Maypole (OC) by LeeroyM

In the woods there grew a tree

And a fine fine tree was he

And on that tree there was a limb

And on that limb there was a branch

And on that branch there was a nest

And in that nest there was an egg

And in that egg there was a bird

And from that bird a feather came

And of that feather was a bed

And on that bed there was a girl

And on that girl there was a man

And from that man there was a seed

And from that seed there was a boy

And from that boy there was a man

And for that man there was a grave

From that grave there grew a tree

In the Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle wood