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Hahaha, right!!?!?
Last year I set up a remote rifle so every time someone rang my door bell they’d get shot in the chest. You should have seen the look on their face! I had a recording saying “April Fool!” Over and over again until they were taken away by an ambulance. It was hilarious.


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It’s called Lotus Thai in Rocksprings, Tx. About 2.5hr west of San Antonio in the middle of nowhere. Usually served American, you can also get each dish Thai hot (extra spice). Nothing is too hot. It’s not a large menu, it’s one Thai lady as the cook, one helper, and one server make up the entire restaurant, but the food is so fresh and delicious I always eat there 1-3 times a trip. Lunch only also.


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No; Nobody refers to Congress as The House of Representatives unless they are as uneducated as you. Congress is a bicameral system. That’s taught in elementary school if you are lucky; middle school if you are not, and again in high school if you aren’t paying attention.

Fred Rogers knew that, and so should you.